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We are a leading HSE consultancy operating across the UK, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.
We offer a broad range of consultancy services and specialist support to the oil & gas, fertiliser, infrastructure & development including, both public and private.

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Qualified Expertise and Experience that Creates More Than Just Safety

Occupational Safety

If you know your risks, you took the first step to protect your workforce and others from harmful exposures and accidents.
Our approach to risk management can help you systematically identify and document existing risks and hazards arising from the particular activities in your organisation.

Audit and Assurance

Our audit and assurance programs complement and support our clients’ established risk and control safety management environment and bring an independent challenge to their informed decision making systems.

Safety Cases

For most high-risk industries, a documented Safety Case is mandatory for obtaining their licence to operate.
The Safety Case ultimately proves that the duty holders have assessed all possible risks and hazards, and that they have the ability to manage or control these risks.

Process Safety

Our process safety fundamentals augment and support frontline workers in ways which empower them to bring issues out into the open, without fear of reprisal.

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Risks Identification

Our experience in leading HAZOP and HAZID programs can help you systematically identify and document existing risks and hazards arising from activities specific to your organisation.

Effective Risk Management

Our practical approach seamlessly brings together specialist occupational and process safety management with  Lean and Six Sigma process improvement specialists.

Workplace Safety Optimisation

Our expertise and knowledge will help you formulate effective health and safety management systems leading to measures that yield positive results.

Incident Investigation

Our practical approach seeks to verify that immediate risks are curtailed following unforeseen events. 

From the initial assessment of the scene to supervising witness management, data collection, cause analysis and root cause identification, we bring clarity to a complex situation.

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Europa Energy is headquartered in London and provides Health, Safety and Environmental consultancy services to international organisations and government stakeholders, industry bodies and international financial institutions, including a wide range of services to public and private clients active in the fields of energy, transport and infrastructure.

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Our specialists support high-risk industries in designing roadmaps, and assist with their delivery to ensure a comprehensive management of all HSE matters. 

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